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So after some super unfortunate instances of having my work stolen and passed around as free, downloadable "doll bases", I've decided that DeviantArt might not be the best place for me anymore. Although the DA staff has been awesome and got the stolen work taken down within 24 hours, the PMs and arguments from other deviants that followed have totally shocked me. Apparently there is a large community of people on this site that believe that DA is a resource for free stock art, and no amount of arguing is convincing them otherwise. They argue that by putting my work on here, I am consenting to having it stolen, altered, and passed around at the thief's whim. Not cool, and I'm not on board with that, or being harassed by the culprits and their buddies.

So, thank you to all the people who have followed, commented and fav'd my work these past five years: your support on this site has been awesome, and I am grateful for all your feedback and love! 

I can be found at and on CGHub at

Cafe au Ladies is still going at its tumblr home.

Much love! 
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I made a blog. A sad, lonely little blog (so alone). Will be posting sketches and process stuff on there, as well as some finished stuff.

>> <<

So for those of you who are on teh blogspot and watch me on DA, feel free to follow & to link me to your blogger so that we may share in the blogosphere joyful times. Together we are beautiful.

Also keep an eye out on this space here >> << for gorgeous pottery works (by my friend Erin) for buying. Nothing's up yet, but stuff will be going up in the next year and you will want to touch it all over with your hands.

AND NOW...time for bed.
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...Finally complete!!…

So much fun this year, and the entries are all super awesome. Go check 'em out and start counting down 'til next year ;o
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...It's changed ( ' 3')v

Am going to do a push to get more Shibuya Sailors done, finally. Your inboxes will be belly-full with Japanese teenage magical times fashion. Yiss.
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Disney Studios Canada is hiring a Concept Artist versed in UI design. If you or someone you know is interested, hit up the forum for info:…

And no, it's not Club Penguin - brand new IP, so lots of opportunity for creative and stylistic input.
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Just wanted to pimp out a new comic I've become addicted to...

:star: :star: BRIGHTEST :: :star: :star:

Haven't really cared about many ongoing storylines like this since Strangers In Paradise and Living Dead, so go check it out! Great story, awesome characters, really interesting colour palette & style. Comic artists who continuously put out content this good need to be supported, so drop by and read the story so far!

On another note: starting a new job Monday! Still within the same company, but new project and new role. Super excited...concept arrrrtt :D

Which probably means I'll be updating even LESS than usual (is that even possible??), but I do have a new set of gyaru girls in the works, and I'm determined to finish those up soon. Plus I have shiny new iMac and I'm dying to take it out for a test drive. Happy days!
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Just wanted to shout out and thank all the people who've watched and commented this past year!! Much love & thanks for the support :heart: :heart: :heart:

Am hoping to get back into doing some coloured works (and some gyaru girls, damnit!! It's been too long!)...have a ton of sketches I need to find the time to slap onto PS and have at. Work art vs Personal art was a challenge in '09, so here's hoping '10 doesn't turn out the same way!! Aggh, regression!

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Work is a lot of work. Who knew??
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If someone screencaps 20k hits, a shiny kiriban I shall make for you!

If...anyone...wants one...:/

I've started my new job in the new city, and the adjusting is going fairly well. Plus the job perks are so freaking awesome, and my dream of being utterly spoiled for regular tablets has been granted by a shiny cintiq.

I am now going to recommence work on the commissions (I'm so, so sorry for making the people who already asked wait so long...moving is a pain in the balls).

Coming up ASAP:
-g0ddess (if she still wants it :()

Thanks to those who gave a little boost of moral support during the moving kerfuffle :love:

Holy crap, I posted this when I was at 19,900 and about five minutes later I get a note from Izuma that my kiriban was caught o__o;;

YOU PEOPLE CRAZY, but I lurves you for it XD

So yeah, thanks for 20,000!!! And Izuma's kiriban is coming up asap - right after I get these commissions done!! :heart::heart:
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Moving is so damn depressing. I wonder if I'll be able to muster up enough cheer to draw after far all I have the mental stamina for is watching Discovery on the giant hotel flatscreen and eating fruit (and cheezies).

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I need DS's so lonely in my AC town [;3;]

So this is my wild shot in the dark: anyone have Animal Crossing: Wild World and are welcoming sad AC vagrants into their town(s)?

C'moonnn. I will not write dirty messages on your town board, promise.
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commission me

Tue Nov 11, 2008, 8:25 PM
so that I may travel to Tokyo and gawk at pretty gyarus in knee-highs and oversized heels :heart:

Hurraghle, I offer commissions at the following prices:

Full-body 01 (texturised)… - $25
Full-body 02 (solids)… - $20
Bust - $15

Lineart (no colours) >>…
Full-body - $15
Bust - $10

Lineart (coloured) >>…
Full-body - $25
Bust - $20

* For your shiny monies, you will receive an equally shiny .psd file at printing-friendly resolution!
* For group shots add an additional $5 per character
* More specific stuffs (ie. backgrounds & super-elaborate costuming, etc.) will vary in price, so note me to discuss anything like this ^^
* Payment via paypal (note me for the email add.) or via email-banking if you a) are in Canada, and b) have online banking.

Please drop me a note if you are interested :)

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brittanysaysmoo - She says moo, and she got my kiriban!

Followed (and preceded) closely by  :iconzambicandy: & :iconorange-dino: (honourable mention going to Doreean)

Yay, I'm glad people actually tried to get the kiriban (flattering!) :heart:

In other news, I've become unexpectedly addicted to Twilight (me, who dislikes teen vampire fiction with a passion), and now I'm considering buying the next 3 books just to find out what happens next. First time this has happened with a book series since I got cajoled into reading the first Harry Potter eight years ago, and subsequently inhaled the next six books.
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Never done did this before, but it sounds like fun:

If someone screencaps 11,111 views...kiriban!

(I wonder if anyone will...)
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Sexophonic. Suede loves it.

Thanks for the eyeballs :3

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balloonMan   whistles

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I need to pee.

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I found one of the ol' studio comics Jen and I used to do while freaking out over deadlines...

Those were really good times. Didn't know it then, but I know it now. So much caffeine, so much fun.
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[You] can dance if you want to...

Tue Feb 26, 2008, 1:31 PM
...[You] can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're no friends of mine.

(Safety Dance. Everybody take off your pants.)

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